Birds of a Feather: Repurposing in Recruiting Content Marketing

Once upon a time, the good people at CareerArc handed Misty Walsh and me the reigns to an episode in their popular recruiting webinar series. Their only requests were that we chat about content marketing and our unique relationship.

Content marketing was easy. Misty and I were both big fans, leveraging it for business development and recruiting respectively.

And so was chatting about our unique relationship. In a world where recruiting and marketing were often at odds, we were actually bona fide friends.

So we gave them that. But because we are both suckers for a good theme, we also gave them a bunch of obnoxious bird puns. (The CareerArc people did not ask for that, and probably have since written a “no birds” clause into their speaker contracts.)

Because the world needs more good content marketing, good friendships, and good bird themes, this is the sixth in a series on those topics. For even more goodness, I also encourage you to check out the webinar recording.

With that, let’s “take flight”….

Some lucky duck marketing and talent acquisition teams have big budgets allowing them to deploy comprehensive recruiting content marketing campaigns using cutting edge technologies. And then there’s the rest of us, with not much of a nest egg to fall back on.

So what do you do? For us, it means we are continuously looking for ways to streamline and share resources between Centric’s marketing and recruiting teams. We prefer making the best use of the “birds we have in hand” versus stretching our already thin budget on the latest and greatest.

As they say, sharing is caring! We make a point to strategize how the work of each team can be repurposed. And since we are working off a common vision, and are integrated and transparent, our work products often align nicely.

True story…

Misty and the marketing team were building a Contact Management System to help organize and target our company’s business development relationships, which had been a constant struggle for them.

Concurrently, our talent acquisition team had been grappling with how to maintain relationships with candidates.

Misty and I shared these challenges as part of our regular checkpoints and quickly realized that we could combine resources to meet our individual team’s goals.

Thus, our recruiting content marketing team will piggyback off Marketing’s Contact Management System. Also, we will be able to utilize their Marketing Automation software to build targeting recruiting campaigns.

Thanks to these new tools at our disposal, we will be able to track candidates, and pro-actively provide them targeted content based on their interests. This will elevate our content marketing campaign to a level of sophistication beyond our current social media blasts.

Right now, our recruiting contact list is much larger than our sales list. Thus, by sharing their tools, the marketing team’s branding efforts will reach an even wider audience than they could do on their own.

Marketing wins! Recruiting wins! And our company wins too! This effort will streamline our software purchases, reducing IT support and saving licensing fees.

Marketing and Talent Acquisition likely each have a nest full of strategies and tools. Share them with each other – the bird you already have in hand is often just what you need.

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