Birds of a Feather: Summary & Resources

Once upon a time, the good people at CareerArc handed Misty Walsh and me the reigns to an episode in their popular recruiting webinar series. Their only requests were that we chat about content marketing and our unique relationship.

Content marketing was easy. Misty and I were both big fans, leveraging it for business development and recruiting respectively.

And so was chatting about our unique relationship. In a world where recruiting and marketing were often at odds, we were actually bona fide friends.

So we gave them that. But because we are both suckers for a good theme, we also gave them a bunch of obnoxious bird puns. (The CareerArc people did not ask for that, and probably have since written a “no birds” clause into their speaker contracts.)

Because the world needs more good content marketing, good friendships, and good bird themes, this is the last in a series on those topics. For even more goodness, I also encourage you to check out the webinar recording.

With that, let’s “take flight”….

After a half dozen installments of this series, you probably can’t swallow any more obnoxious bird puns. So, I will sparrow you and conclude with a summary of the series and a few great additional resources.

Birds of a Feather: When Recruiting & Marketing Work Together, Content Marketing Soars

Additional Resources

o  Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) – Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World conference

o  Rand Fishkin (@randfish) – Works at Moz, expert in SEO

o  Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) – Head of content at MarketingProfs, a good educational resource

o  Neil Patel (@neilpatel) – Expert at using content to drive organic online traffic

o  Andy Crestodina (@crestodina) – Founder of Orbit Media, expert in SEO

o  Jill Pollack (@jill_pollack) – Director at StoryStudio, expert in writing and storytelling

o  And a good, comprehensive article on other content marketing resources: 44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing 

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