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Cloud 101 Series: Moving to the Cloud

Part five of a series

Cloud Migration Strategy

Here is the process we recommend to make the move:

Discover: Understand the business goals and user needs.

  • Define the project’s goals and objectives.
  • Understand the key drivers for adoption.
  • Explore the pain points for security & governance.
  • Develop Use Cases and Proof of Concept candidates.
  • Create actionable next steps.

Plan: Develop structure and deliver framework.

  • Complete Application and Infrastructure assessments.
  • Estimate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Identify pilot applications for migration.
  • Define Reference Architecture and Minimum Viable Cloud.
  • Align stakeholders on success criteria.
  • Create Cloud Enablement Plan.

Act: Create initial migration and business value definition.

  • Build Minimum Viable Cloud.
  • Migrate pilot workloads as representative use cases.
  • Validate applications and operations on Minimum Viable Cloud.
  • Build initial cloud migration team.
  • Verify economic model against larger application portfolio.
  • Map security, compliance and operational processes.

Optimize: Commercialize cloud program and support Organizational Change Management.

  • Build program management structure.
  • Implement security and governance controls.
  • Mature the Cloud Migration Factory: Tools, Processes, and Playbooks.
  • Oversee operations enablement and cloud service management.
  • Execute workload and data migration cutovers.
  • Enable knowledge transfer and support transition.

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