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Cloud 101 Series: What is Cloud Computing?

Have questions about the cloud? Join us for a five-part blog series, where we’ll explain cloud computing basics you should know.

Part 1 of a series.

What is cloud computing? At its core, cloud computing is simply computing services available over the internet. And that’s about where it stops being simple!

Your infrastructure, development platform and software can all live in “the cloud.” For as many cloud applications, there also seem to be as many cloud providers. And not to mention a mind-dizzying array of acronyms and buzzwords.

Despite its complexity, cloud computing continues to grow in popularity and is expected to be a $162 billion industry by 2020.

In this series, we will try to cut through the confusion and provide answers to common cloud computing questions you may have including:

What are the advantages of moving to the cloud?

  • There are many reasons companies choose to move their infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Some of the most common reasons include reducing costs, increasing security, expanding their global reach and accelerating innovation. Learn why the cloud provides advantages in those areas. Read more.

What do all these cloud terms mean?

  • Confused by the whirlwind of cloud computing terms? Don’t feel bad – there are quite a few! I will break down a few of the most common ones including IaaS vs. PaaS vs. Saas, TCO, On-Prem and more. Read more.

Who are the leading cloud providers?

  • Once a company decides to move to the cloud, one of the hardest decisions they will make is choosing a vendor. There is no right or wrong answer here, as the decision depends on your companies specific needs and whether you are looking for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or all three. Read more.

What is the common process for moving to the cloud?

  • Moving to the cloud does not have to be overwhelming! We have found our clients are most successful when they take a systematic approach, with steady eyes on the business need at all times. Learn more about the common process we employ. Read more.

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