Artificial Intelligence

Labor Day Respite

The last few months have been a grind.

Summer, despite its many joys, can also be exhausting. My good weather bucket list always outweighs the amount of available time in June, July, and August. Couple that with the loss of family rhythm that comes with school being out, and summer seems like a full-on sprint.

My work life has been full too. Mostly good – new hires, new clients, new projects. But some struggles as well. The normal ebb and flow, but tiring nevertheless.

Labor Day, and its extra day of respite, was especially appreciated this year.

As I was ramping back into reality this morning, I caught a quote from Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba… “I think because of artificial intelligence, people will have more time enjoying being human beings.”

From the article: “Billionaire Jack Ma, long an outspoken advocate for China’s extreme work culture, said Thursday that with the benefits of artificial intelligence, people should be able to work just 12 hours a week.”

I really hope so. Because my soul needs long weekends.

Photo: A new trail I discovered over the holiday