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Life Hack: Webinar While You Workout

Every so often I will share silly life hacks I incorporate to (sort of) manage the chaos of my Soccer Mom/Worker Bee/Creaky Runner life. Enjoy!

Everyone wants to exercise more. And everyone wants to do more professional development. But who has the time to do both? Well, if you Webinar While You Workout you will!

Here is how to “Learn while you burn”:

(My apologies for that cheesy line… it had to be done)

  1. Sign up for every webinar that interests you. And then do not attend. Almost always the organizers will send you a link the webinar recording afterwards. Squirrel these away into your “Lean while I burn” folder in Gmail for use for during your next exercise session.
  2. Choose an indoor fitness activity. I prefer indoor over outdoor for reasons of tree roots (tripping and falling) and oncoming vehicles (duh). You will need to be on top of your game to implement this multitasking hack, so let’s keep the external hazards minimized. Reserve the outdoors for workouts that have your full concentration.
  3. Grab a pair of headphones. If your treadmill sounds like a space shuttle launch (mine does), you will probably need headphones to hear clearly the audio. Unlike Netflix videos, close captioning does not typically accompany webinars.
  4. Prepare your webinar workout area. My typical setup includes notepad and pen (for jotting down interesting points), water bottle (for hydration) and an energy gel (for keeping me awake in the event of a boring webinar).
  5. Get moving (and webinar-ing!) Just think in one hours’ time you can put away 13 miles (if you are Kenyan, half that for non-Olympians) and a webinar. Yeah for learning and burning!

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