To Contract or Not To Contract?

It’s the classic good problem/bad problem scenario… Good Problem: Business is growing so much th...

June 7, 2016
Getting Your C-Suite Giddy Over Glassdoor

User-generated reviews are now commonplace in all aspects of life (think Amazon and Yelp) and job hu...

May 31, 2016
Let’s Stop Trying To Be Homecoming Queens

Remember high school Yes, I really do not enjoy revisiting those memories either For those who came ...

May 24, 2016
Show Me The Money (And Much More)!

Top performers are critical to technology organizations Unfortunately, finding and retaining the be...

May 17, 2016
Why I’m Rah-rah for the Rooney Rule

  Ready to move the ball down the field when it comes to better diversity hiring But are you fi...

May 10, 2016
Recruit Awesome Candidates in 60 Seconds or Less

One of the first things you learn in business school is the fine art of crafting an “Elevator Spee...

May 3, 2016
Read “The 4-Hour Workweek” and optimize your work and personal life

While an actual 4-hour workweek still remains elusive, Timothy Ferriss’ tome, “The 4-Hour Workwe...

April 26, 2016
2015 Favorites: Running Books

Over the years, I have dabbled in all kinds of fitness endeavors ranging from Figure Skating to P90X...

February 10, 2016
2015 Favorites: Literature

I am not sure what distinguishes “Literature” from just good ‘ol generic “Fiction” But I a...

January 28, 2016
2015 Favorites: Non-fiction Books

My 2015 non-fiction list is bare, I know But I did read a slew of business books and adventure biogr...

January 14, 2016
2015 Favorites: Adventure Books

I do not start out the year with a prescribed reading plan I just see where the proverbial wind take...

January 13, 2016
2015 Favorites: Children’s Books

Yesterday I shared my Favorite Business Reads of 2015 To keep things interesting, today I will go co...

January 7, 2016
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