Innovation is Painfully Frustrating

It’s humbling to work in tech – and mostly not in a good way The lingo, the tools, the m...

August 11, 2020
How State and Local Government Can Scale Quickly Using Cloud

How State and Local Government Can Scale Quickly Using Cloud The cloud provides scalable support to ...

August 4, 2020
Deep learning’s role in the evolution of machine learning

I first got involved in machine learning in the late 90’s as part of my undergraduate senior proje...

July 28, 2020
What Are The Skillsets of the Future?

The last few months have had us all thinking about our priorities, and ultimately, our paths forward...

July 21, 2020
What is the Future of Hybrid Cloud for Businesses?

Most of the clients I work with have hybrid environments – a mixture of on-premises and cloud infr...

July 14, 2020
What It Means To Be An Organizational Thought Leader

I recently was a guest on the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast, discussing with Peter Winick wh...

July 7, 2020
Books To Break Out Of Your Bubble

With the exception of a few years in college, I have lived in communities filled with people mostly ...

June 25, 2020
Career Navigation in a COVID-19 World

Lost your job due to Coronavirus Or perhaps COVID-19 is making you rethink you career options One Ju...

June 23, 2020
How Cloud Is Enabling Autonomous Systems

Two years ago, I had to teach people what cloud was and why it was important One year ago, they knew...

June 16, 2020
Carmen Fontana Named One of “9 Female Tech Influencers You Should Be Following on Social Media”

My sons would balk at me being called an “Influencer” given by non-existent Tik-Tok pres...

June 9, 2020
Upcoming Event: Boston AWS Meetup

I love any excuse to visit the amazing town that is Boston Unfortunately, due to COVID19 I’ll ...

June 2, 2020
Improving Employee Utilization with Machine Learning

The words “humans” and “machines” seem inherently at odds with each other However, with a mi...

May 26, 2020
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