Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things empowers organizations to gather, analyze, and employ information in ways previously unattainable. But this emerging capability is not without its challenges:

• Overwhelming Size – IoT generates tremendous volume and velocity of information, easily swamping most homegrown data collection systems

• Security Worries – The proliferation of sensors and devices in our homes and workplaces makes IoT a juicy target for nefarious entities

• Death by Data – Organizations often find it difficult to sift through IoT data to find actionable insights in a way that is both scalable and forward-looking

However, these challenges also present opportunities. With mindful design and implementation, your IoT investment can not only overcome but thrive.

In this free webinar, we will discuss:

• Architecting for Scale – With smart design, your IoT platform can shrink and grow based on need, saving you money in the process

• Empowering Customers – Securing your system requires thinking about both the bad guys (hackers) and the good guys (your customers). Your system can be secure while still giving your users flexibility in access and privacy

• Intelligent Data – Machine learning prospers on information, making it a natural pairing for voluminous IoT data. Machine learning pushes IoT to transition from reactive to predictive analytics, forecasting future outcomes and cutting through the fog of data.

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