Internet of Things

Morning with Microsoft Recap: Turning IoT Obstacles Into Opportunities

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at a “Morning with Microsoft” event in South Florida with my colleague Chris Martinez. Unfortunately, the event was during a regional cold snap, so I did not get to enjoy the usual balmy Florida weather. However, the engaging and invigorating dialogue around the positives and drawbacks regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) more than made up for my disappointment in the weather.

IoT empowers organizations to gather, analyze, and employ information in ways previously unattainable. But this newfound capability is not without its challenges:

  • Overwhelming Size: IoT generates tremendous volume and velocity of information, quickly swamping most homegrown data collection systems
  • Security Worries: The proliferation of sensors and devices in our homes and workplaces makes IoT a juicy target for nefarious entities
  • Death-by-Data: Organizations often find it challenging to sift through IoT data to find actionable insights in a way that is both scalable and forward-looking

But we recognized these obstacles also present opportunities. Our presentation explored these topics, which set the stage for the mindful group discussion that followed.

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